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Oh Insomnia how I missed you. I know I was absent last year, but the Jokey one is back and I'm back with a vengeance. Wait, for those who do not know what I'm ranting and raving about about, let me point out some key aspects of what makes this breakfast party one of the best for the season.

OK, so let's run this down shall we? Coolers.... Check! Live performances.... Check check! Vibes....... Check check check! I don't know what exactly it is that makes this event a success every year, but it just happens. Honestly the only downfall in the whole Insomnia experience is actually getting there because the amount of traffic there is for the streets of Carenage to the O2 car park is "ridunculous." Prepare to be in at least a hour to a hour and a half of traffic to get to the venue, but once there, the experience is priceless.

Now the event begins at 11 p.m. and runs to the early morning sun, but trust me, no one goes for the 11 o'clock mark. I mean, why would you when you'll have another couple of hours to catch the vibe. I myself arrived closer to the wee hours of the morning and from the time I entered, the vibes from the backstage area to the general crowd was evident.

Time for some live performances. To grace the stage was Swappi alongside his vibrant and energetic dancers who had the crowd going with their antics and flexibility. In addition to this, people were still showing their support to him after his placement at the Soca Monarch finals which took place the Friday night before.

Speaking of Soca Monarch, following Swappi was the reigning Groovy Monarch and one half of the shared title of Power Soca, Machel Montano HD. Now it was probably around half six that morning when he came on, so it was time for Insomnia's trademark to start flowing. And when think of flow, you firstly think of water. The hoses unlocked, and the crowd was showered by water while being entertained by Mr. HD. But wait, that wasn't enough. Machel then soared to higher heights...... literally. He took his 2013 Power Soca "Float" and literally took flight into the Insomniacs. With this, a couple of his fans joined him on stage and also dived into the crowd. Luckily the persons who were in the crowd were very understanding to the cause and caught everyone including Machel with no injuries caused. Like he said, one love is the anthem.

Hmmmm, what else could have made this event more eventful? Well Olatunji and his comrades came and further entertained the crowd, but someone needed to end the show in great fashion. With that said, when you put two halves together, you get a complete project. To end off the show, the other half of the reigning Power Monarch title came on and brought the crowd to their knees. Super Blue's attendance brought much joy to patrons, and like I said, he brought the event to its end. Abruptly as well because in the glee and excitement of the people, the front barrier of the stage was brought down causing organizers to have no choice but to end the party.

But trust me, I had my fill, and I'm sure everyone else who was there had theirs as well.

Salt n Pepper,
Jokey Juice

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>> View Insomnia 2013 Gallery
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