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Since carnival it seems like EVERYBODY have a tabanca.  I'm not going to lie, but carnival 2013 was SWEET.  So now we're back in this cold weather and still feeling to fete ... so wha we go do? Thanks to B2B Entertainment and ShorBlu Events we had PCD to look forward to.

With the dj and artist line, everybody itching to fete and tickets practically sold out we say we pumpin early because we knew parking would be therapy.  To our surprise,  we get a bess park!!!!!!!!!

As we walked to the entrance there was no line and security was surprisingly pleasant.  We reach inside and it was a complete purple haze of smoke, heat, a sea of people and all the sweet tunes we just heard during carnival.  Hookahs, laser lights, a sexy atmosphere and location, yes we were in Manhattan.  Dance was looking swanky.

Everybody came out dressed for the occasion to show Bunji, FayAnn, Yankee Boy, Lyrikal and Nutron they were anti-stush and true vikings.

When Bunji hit the stage well the crowd went from anti-stush to gone clear in less than sixty seconds.  From classics like "Fete is Fete" to "Differentology" and everything in between, Bunji did not miss a beat; though I wanted to hear VIKINGS.

FayAnn came and mash up with her rendition of Fantastic Friday as the crowd went into a frenzy pelting powder.  As she teased the crowd with classics and new tunes, the crowd began to chant for both her and Bunji to sing a few more tunes. SAVAGE, jus' fuh dat they callin' we SAVAGE!!!!!

Before we knew it the show was over and it was time to head home.  For the first post carnival fete, this one definitely had the P.C.D. cure.  It was nice to see Bunji and FayAnn on stage in a more intimate atmosphere.  Great job B2B Ent. and ShorBlu Events.


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>> View Got P.C.D. (Post Carnival Depression) Gallery