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“Spread yuh hands and leh gooooooooooooooo ...” as we welcome you to IOK, better known as the Isle of Kes. While here, all will enjoy the sweet sounds of Carnival and cure any form of tabanca you may have. DJs from the New KOS alongside DJs Spice and Jester will have you winin’, bubblin’, foggin’ up de place, thiefin’ a wine, and spreadin’ yuh hands as yuh leh go and enjoy one of the best events in the Mecca of Soca (Toronto), Soca or Die.

From the early warm-up crew starting the vibes on the dancefloor, stretching it all out prior to bussin’ all their best winin’ moves, to the drinking crew lined up by the bar ordering enough drinks to quench the thirst of a small nation, Soca or Die always has the most positive vibes and people. All who attended this event came to do one thing, fete.

Kes the Band started the show, and performed more than 2 hours of non-stop Carnival hits. The one element making this stage performance different from the past is the continuous appearances by other artists. Instead of each artiste taking the stage, doing their few songs, coming off, and having to wait for the stage to prep again for the next artiste, Kes the Band performed AND backed up artistes Lyrikal, 5Star Akil, Shal Mashall, Super Jigga TC and Blaxx. The spectacle was a musically energized manifestation honing the Carnival spirit.

Dr. Jay and the New KOS have fulfilled yet another great event, displaying a true representation of the Power of Soca. Thank you.

- Vamp Juice

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>> View Soca or Die 2013 Gallery