Photo: Caledonia player demonstrating the kick.

Members of the TT Pro League team Caledonia AIA played with children and youth who attended one of the Easter Fundamentals Sport Camps hosted by the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago. The Camp for 7-14 year old boys and girls was held at the St. George’s College grounds in Barataria. The children are introduced to, educated and engaged in physical activity with the objectives of increasing their knowledge and execution of specific motor skills, to channel their boundless energies, to highlight potential athletes and provide an opportunity for all to participate.

These are being taught the following skills: catch, kick, run, vertical jump, leap, overhead throw, dodge, ball bounce, forehand strike, punt. All these skills are used in various sporting disciplines but must be honed before the sport is played in order to perfect the fundamental movements. Kicking and running were a couple of the skills that were highlighted at this camp using the expertise of the professional footballers.

The Caledonia AIA players, including two Brazilian imports and the coach Jamal Shabaaz, enjoyed their time at the Camp doing what they love while passing on their enthusiasm for football skills and engendering a sense of community with children in their catchment area. The Camp continues until today, 6 April, at venues across Trinidad.

Photo by The Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago