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Without a doubt, a great start to what is to come for the DC Carnival Experience 2013 Weekend. It was a full moon that night, so everything was looming in the air. BK Entertainment, Bakanal & Carib United could not have chosen a better night for this launch. En route to Muse, every street was packed, every club had long lines, and every partygoer, already knew what their plans were ... to have a blast!

The feters at the DC EX L, as I like to call it, were no different. The beautiful ladies gave added presence to this event as they were all well dressed and looking ready to impress. The young professional males made their mark by complementing the ladies while DJ's Barry Perryman of Jugglers and Sprang Int'l held the fort in customary fashion.

The event had a great turn out. The Muse, was packed to capacity. By the way, the venue was ideal. Great location, plenty street parking and easy access to the entrance. Their staff did a great job managing the front door as well.

As the night went on and the drinks and music got to people's heads, you can see that people could not wait for DC Carnival Experience. Scheduled for the last weekend in June, if this launch party is any indication of those events, then we are in for one hell of a weekend!!! With the Cooler Fete, XEN and AM Nesia already scheduled, one would hope for Monday to be a public holiday!!!

With all of that being said, the DC EX L was all that and a bottle of rum.... from start to finish. We are looking forward to the line up of events in June.

Out and About,
Joy Juice

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>> View Official Launch of The DC Carnival Experience Weekend 2013 Gallery