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Now that PCD bug has practically worn off, and the warm weather is attempting to be consistent, it was great to attend a lime that matched the temperature and vibe of the day ... HOT!!!! From the moment you parked, you could hear music pumpin’ from blocks away. The venue was in a nicer part of Brooklyn, and let me tell you the neighbors didn’t mind having us jammin’ on their block. Residents and passerbys looked on in amazement at some of the eye candy and outfits that were present.

From umbrellas, to glass mugs for those who arrived early enough, and twist of lime, breakfast which included salt fish, callaloo, pinneapple chow, bread,chicken links & steamed cabbage.... all delish, every detail was covered. These accents added to the décor giving a fresh and new vibe which definitely stood out. The usual heavy hitters were on the cast covering every genre of music to keep the music pumpin’ along with the eye candy inside Twist of Lime. There were 7 specialty drinks on the menu but doh ask me to remember all because the only one I can remember was the Sangria. I will be honest and say the Sangria could have used more wine or I got my glass before wine was added. This by no means makes me a lush, I just have a high tolerance.

The Twist of Lime crew members with bottles of Johnny Walker in tow (always crowd fav) went around pouring shots... of course my mug was ready!!!!! In no time we realize the party was going indoors; not sure if it was a generous neighbors who decided it was time to take the party inside but either way we going along with it..... indoor/outdoor fete in spring, nice option! On the outside it felt like you were in Miami with the colors, vibes and breeze if you felt one.

The Twist of Lime crew aimed to please and that they did. LaTania, Liz, Sharon and the rest of Twist of Lime Crew ... great job!!!

-Uptown Juice

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>> View 7up - A Breakfast Party With A Twist Gallery