Elephant Man And Dawg E Slaughter Added To Karib Feva 2008 In New Jersey

New York, NY (MS. RAINE INC):  It has been confirmed that Grammy-nominated Dancehall artist Elephant Man is among those infected with 'Karib Feva,' a highly contagious plague that has taken over  New Jersey for the second year in a row. The 'Energy God' and popular Soca artist Dawg E Slaughter, have joined the lengthy list of Caribbean entertainers and Garden State residents that will be receiving vital music treatment at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ on Sunday, December 14th. 

The 2008 Karib Feva: Reggae and Soca United concert, where the 'Queen of Soca' Allison Hinds will meet the 'King of the Dancehall' Beenie Man, is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best Holiday stagings in the Tri-State area with the addition of Elephant Man and Dawg E. Slaughter. Presented by RoadBlockRadio.com, CCB International, and Race Entertainment, the second annual staging is set to outdo last year's show which featured Reggae icons Sanchez and Barrington Levy alongside the 'King of Soca' Machel Montano.

Nominated under the 'Best Reggae Album' category in the upcoming Grammy Awards for his 2007 release Let's Get Physical, Jamaican-born Elephant Man has earned international acclaim for his dance-inspired crossover hit singles, his penchant for wildly colorful hair, and his outrageous stage antics. With a catalogue of hit singles including "Pon de River," "Signal de Plane," and "Jook Gal," featuring Hip Hop artists Twista and Young Bloodz, the proclaimed 'Energy God' has been at the forefront of Jamaican dance crazes that have hit dance floors around the world. His current singles "Nuh Linga" and "Gully Creepa" hit the top of the charts when Gold Medal sprinter and World Record Holder Usain Bolt debuted the Nuh Linga and Gully Creepa dances in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics.

Hailing from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Dawg E. Slaughter is one of the island's most beloved Soca artists, with a seven year history of hit singles. "Tic Toc," "Lift Up Yuh Leg and Trample," "Pokey," and "Carnival I Love You" are among his series of hit tunes that have kept Soca lovers around the world whining.

The 2008 Karib Feva: Reggae and Soca United concert featuring the 'Queen of Soca' Allison Hinds 'King of the Dancehall' Beenie Man, Elephant Man, and Dawg E. Slaughter,  will take place on Sunday, December 14th at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ. More acts to be added. Limited advanced tickets are $49.99.  VIP tickets are $99.99. Music is by RoadBlockRadio.com, and Blaze Radio. For more information contact RoadBlockRadio.com at 973-573-8154 or log onto www.RoadBlockRadio.com.