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“This is the best cruise everrrr!!!” shouted one patron at the High Tide Cooler Cruise, held on the Harbour Master on May 30th. “Very nice crowd... love the music and the vibes,” said another, wining with drink in hand. The positive reviews of this event flowed almost as much as the Single Barrel, Patron and Punchy Punch on board.

The call to, ‘start the long weekend on a high’ was answered by more than 400 fun-loving, sophisticated, yet ‘anti-stush’ patrons, who enjoyed perfect weather for sailing on the Harbour Master’s top deck. DJ Total Kontrol set the mood with a signature mix that began, “High Tide goin’ an fog up de place!” and patrons never looked back... well some, when wining of course! The crowd enjoyed an enthralling set of old school dancehall and soca which led to modern hits, like Blaxx’s ‘Leggo’ and Machel Montano’s ‘Witch Doctor.’

Next, DJ Private Ryan had the crowd at, “Atteeeention!” with his effortless transitions and an incredible dance set, during which the crowd went wild, fist-pumping and jumping against the backdrop of an amazing sunset. It was truly a sight to see! Jugglers brought up the rear, with an energising set, leaving party goers wanting more with hits like ‘Tip on yuh toe’ and ‘Bruk it down.’

The vibe of this crowd never dissipated! I saw legs wrapped up in railings, people propped up on speaker boxes, women lifted into the air and hoisted onto shoulders, and people managing gravity-defying acts on their coolers, all in good fun! But there was one who proved to out-wine them all to win a bottle of Johnnie Walker - a sexy brownin’ in a see-through number who managed to get 49 beads, given to party-goers for a wining competition to see who could collect the most beads by the end of the party.

All the wining... I mean working... made me hungry, so I went to partake of the complimentary doubles and corn soup. Talk about the best doubles and corn soup of my life!! I wondered if it was me, but when I noticed people begging the doubles man for doubles on brown paper, and one ‘High’ patron scraping the empty corn soup pot, I knew I was not alone.

High Tide Cooler Cruise definitely delivered its promise to set the standard for the long weekend. All in all it was a great party! Kudos to the promoters Adanna, Chris and the High Tide committee members on a job well done. Like many others, I am looking forward to the next event!

-Government Juice

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