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We know when 2B throw a boat ride some things are always guaranteed, a bus ride to the boat, a rhythm section, good vibes and good food.  Needless to say, they did not disappoint.

The family decided to head to the east side of Manhattan aboard the Harbor Lights for their annual ride.  Bigger boat, nicer scenery and with three party buses headed from queens I'd say, the bigger boat was definitely needed.

The pier was packed with people waiting to board and in no time, we were aboard and sailing.  As anyone that's a veteran of 2B, they know the first thing riders do when they board is to head to the food line, let's just say that by far this was the biggest line I've seen and nobody complaining.  But the food was definitely worth it.  Shelly we definitely enjoyed.

So with we belly full, now we head upstairs chippin' to WE Rhythm section, it was as if we were hypnotized the way everybody migrated at the same time; something like an exodus.  With Sounds4Life and Funky Fat Boy both playing half the ride each there was no ANTI STUSH behavior.  From start to finish was level whinin', no social behavior on the boat.  Between the music, the rhythm section, and libations, I couldn't figure which one took over but the combination was sweet.  It also helped that the 2B family went around ensuring their patrons were having a good time.

With the weather working in our favor, being surrounded by friends and family this ride definitely makes me look forward to 2B second ride later on in the summer. 

To the 2B family, you did it again and the TJJ family had a time.  Looking forward to the next ride.


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>> View 2B Promotions Anti Stush Gallery