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De Bouncin start, de bouncin start and that's how the vibes on the boat started.  With a bus load of imports from New Jersey descending to the 23rd street pier heading on the Harbor Lights for a night of masquerade.

As we boarded, we were greeted by the smiles of the Jerzey Girls who stood out in their white dresses with red accents including their unique masks.  When we entered men and women alike were in masks already whinin down the place.

Seems like the Jerzey Girls had inside info on all the Gemini babies because quite a few of them celebrated their birthdays with the ladies who made sure their names along with birthday wishes were called throughout the night.  The ladies made sure to add their ever present elegance where ever they could such as the pretty table ornaments that accented quite a few tables and the placement cards which were all around the food stations. 

Catering by Touch of Elegance definitely added a nice touch as the menu had a nice variety; food was delicious.  The Jerzey Girls made sure no stone was unturned. 

With Back to Basics on the ones and twos the boat was definitely rocking.  Somewhere in the midst of all the whinin, Natalie of Jerzey Girls came on the mic to thank everyone for coming out to support, next thing you knew she was being proposed to by her hunnie.  Of course she said yes and if it wasn't a celebration before well now there was every reason to celebrate. 

Between Blaxx and Super Blue the bouncin definitely started and everybody spread they hand and let go to congratulate the bride to be.

Jerzey Girls, the ride was great and we love your customer service.  Congrats on your engagement Natalie!!

Until next time.


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>> View Midnight Masquerade VI Gallery