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After such a packed holiday weekend, we expected a nice lil' cool down, backyard vibe tiny fete but we were in for a lot more at P.L.U.R.

We arrived to an intimate crowd with a relaxed vibe and some good tunes playing. Two party hostesses in tie dyed dressed greeted every guest upon arrival with glowing wrist band and neon trinkets that would instantly turn a backyard get together into an all out rave event.

Deeper into the backyard were surprised by the more neon laser lights and we found a bar where you could either buy by the beers, Shandy, or choose from a selection of hard liquor by the glass or by the bottle. All drinks needed to be purchased with chit, which was for sale inside the house. As soon as you entered the house, the aromas of Caribbean pots bubblin' put you under a spell! By time we bought our chit and returned outside, the crowd has already multiplied but fortunately the bar was flowing easy and breezy throughout the night.

People definitely came out to have a good time and socialize. Thank God the weather held up because after a long Friday at work, we were already to get loose for the weekend. Freaks for Soca got the party started, Haze from Natural Freaks got us lifted, DJ Zack took it over and beyond, and Silence from Point Blank took us into the Saturday morning.

Peace.Love.Unity.Respect was definitely a vibe that we want to experience more often! The music was on a next level, filled with tunes we don't get to hear in the usual fetes. Much love to Yana and d'crew for an awesome night out. Shout out to Lois and Bianca for decor and handmade dresses, and the food by Jo and Gary. P.L.U.R turned out great for a first year vent, and we surely want to see it continue to grow. The theme is on point and the night was enjoyable. Next year ... the venue will surely need to be a tad bit more spaceous.

-Reva aka Cocoa Juice

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