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They say once it's nice, do it twice....Well in 2012...I AM SOCA was nice! Following up from Kerwin and Benjai the previous year, there was no surprise about these top artists.... Iwer George, Cassi, Pumpa, Lyrikal and a few others were all carded to perform and that along was reason to come out. A good show overall with a few special presentations for the audience.

The crowd was a good size. Not packed but not thin either. The women were no doubt well dressed and bess!

We were pleased with the interior and decor of this place. Museum Bar is an upscale venue that had all the right touches... two bars, dance floor, DJ booth, balcony, VIP area, clean restrooms etc.... and to be mentioned, the view of downtown ATL, from the Balcony was fantastic. Stephen was able to utilize the venue to his advantage. On the other side, maybe the venue was a bit distant?

As for the vibes.... it was there from start to finish! And even though we did not get through the presentation.... the I AM SOCAers....shared no complaints... Everyone partied hard at this party. There was a great vibes to this event and for me, along with the DJ's, Cassi really rocked the house!!!

The drinks as usual were of premium quality, but no food in sight!

Now we can go on and on about DJ Stephen and his service, but I think it will be easy to sum it up this way.... a true professional to heart as his number one priority is to please "the people he serves!" Nuff said! Stephen, placed a tremendous amount of effort behind this event and it can be seen in his passion. We are sure that he knows he has our support with his tremendous efforts.

The cost was $25.00 with a $45.00 price tag on VIP tics. VIPs got to see the event from an elevated position and were hanging with the artists. 

After all is said and done, I believe that there is value in great effort put out. A good event with obvious thought put into it. The patrons had a great time and partied non-stop! I was even happy to leave thee with my I AM SOCA wrist band. Year 2 in the books for I AM SOCA... can't wait for part 3! Good Job Stephen!

Joy Juice... Out and About!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

> View I AM SOCA 2 'The Concert Experience' Gallery
>> View Atlanta Carnival 2013 Coverage