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With 1000+ people attending in regular, and of course on the VIP side where it had a nice average crowd of 200 fashionably dressed people. It was a great turn out. Spotted Tallpree and Bunji in the VIP crowd after their performances taking in the show and enjoying drinks and Skinny Fabulous mingling with his friends and fans.

Victoria Park, wasn't hard to find at all. VIP was fenced off on one side of the park and had a lift so you can have a better view of the stage, it was raining on and off until it got down to the end of the sure where we had a shower of rain but it was in favor of the artist so the crowd was enjoying it.

From the moment you arrived you felt the energy from the music the dj's played and performers performed. It was soca all night long! There were live performances by  Lil Rick, Tallpree, Bunji Garlin & Fayann and the Asylum band, Fya Empress, Skinny Fabulous, Fireman Hooper and Luta just to name a few. For the dj's, Barrie Hype from Miami represented. It was a great cast, nothing but Vibes (with a capital V) from everyone.

The chicken strips were amazing, seeing that's all I had to eat, but from what i saw people loved the food because there was always a line at the food tent. There were 3 different drinks bar; a Shots bar, a Margarita bar and a (premium drinks to an extent) Normal bar in the VIP area.

The waitresses were very helpful, took a while to get your drinks at the bar but the music and friends distracted you from the wait for a while. I was content about the service.

With $150 for VIP and regular had started at $50. I got my monies worth and had a ball, and will do it all over again!

Big shout out to Gamal 'Skinny Fabulous' Doyle and his team for throwing a great event. Looking forward to next year with bigger and better things.

-Soca Pixie

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>> View Black Rave 2.0 "Rise of the Phantom" Gallery