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Now... I must take my time with this review. No need to write anything long and drawn out... it can be simple and sweet!!

Well, we need to talk about the breakfast in a minute... but the fete part, BESS!!! For its 2nd annual Breakfast Fete, the OneDropEvents crew got many things right!!! De music, the bar, the location etc. But the most important thing they got, was the VIBES!!

There was no question about the crowd at this venue... good size but bess dress ladies! Wowzer!!! Just imagine on Sunday Morning, we partying to Soca music in de hot sun... and nobody complaining. And if you had an issue sweating too much, there were enough napkins to wipe yuh face!

Not the most elegant but what allyuh expect for a breakfast fete??!! It was the back side of a storage facility but it was ideal. We needed enough room to do we ting! With the few tables that were set up, it was enough for the ones who needed to rest their feet from the parade the day before and not too far from them... was the bar. The dance area was a bit too big for the crowd at the beginning but as the 'sun start raising up' the place got filled up. And though it was hot, literally no one complained! None!!

"Boy of boy..... Never ending vibes. Every DJ in this party rocked de hell out of those turntables!! From DJ Touches to Kevin Baker and his crew from TnT and several others took care of business.... everyone in the party jus "Spread their hands and Leh Goooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!" Even the little stage contest brought out some back in times hits that fired up the crowd. It was either that or the stage dancers that bent every which way..... on Sunday Morning..... I'm not sure what it was..... I was listening to the music. I promise!

At the end of the day, the vibe in this party cannot be replicated. I cannot wait for Sunday Morning next year. The vibes was so nice my peoples stop to take ah last wine, with camera in hand, and that cost us missing ah flight!!! OneDrop ... allyuh owe de TJJ crew!

Here's where they take a little hit.... line too long for food... food sort of ran out and some of the drinks. Hmmmmm.... but... but there is a but... de pelau was BESS!! At the same time, the promoters promise to handle that food issue next year. This party is good enough to go back ... we going for sure!

The promoters of this Sunday Morning event know how to handle their people... with smiles.... and cake! Thanks for all the love One Drop Family!!

$20.00 for free food? Not bad at all!

For its second year, Sunday Morning Breakfast fete was very good. The TJJ crew had a great time there. The combination of the Djs, the music, the people etc was all on point. The 'We Kinda Ting' crew, Krista and her crew, One Drop family, the Inferno crew and all that made this party what it was.... bless up! Thanks for showing TJJ all the love! Next year for sure!!!

Joy Juice... Out and About!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Sunday Morning - The Ultimate Breakfast Fete Gallery
>> View Atlanta Carnival 2013 Coverage