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Wearing white is for the innocent. At least that's what they say when you are getting married. But from the word on the street, there's no innocence about this party. This seemed like the place to be as everywhere I went, people had on white! With my first time in the Big ATL, I was not sure what to expect. However, Joy Juice talked this one up so I guess... I will put his word to the test! And that I did indeed ... Wear White was all that and ah lil' color here and there!

Shortly after my arrival, the fete picked up fast like if ah bus pull up and drop people off at city gate. Just like prime time at the gym, people coming in groups then ah few stragglers then ah big side again. Everyone followed the dress code wearing all white. But yuh boy can't front. With the exception of my TJJ press pass, I was all white too. The crowd was a good size and well dress. Lots and lots of beautiful women. I guess I am now understanding why Joy Juice found it hard to give me his usual event.

Well after all the people that turn out, one thing I liked was how huge the venue was. The place was a good size and roomy. The bathroom was a bit difficult to find but no worries. At the end of the day, it was no J'ouvert, jam session in there... trying to squeeze pass sweaty people on yah way to looking for something cute!

I am sure you all know MC Wassy from NY. He was like the Pied Piper engaging the crowd. The man was really good. Filled with real energy, even as he engaged the notorious iron crew that was on riddim. And like any big fete multiple DJ's passed thru adding their recipe to the latest Soca vibes ... Vibes was nice.

Although they had a cash bar, there was a good variety of drinks,but the food... hmmmmmmm..... we need to call them on that. And if yah just came to drink and lime, the bar was wide and easy to get to. None of that ah long waiting business. We didn't miss a song or ah wine because you definitely don't want to loose your position in line or behind ah bumper.

Service was smooth. No sticking. Jillian, thanks for taking care of me. Much respect.

Tickets $20 Advance. Not too bad. This was a good party.

No lie people, I went in tired as hell as this was my 4th event back to back to back to back but on my way out... I had no complaints. The session was the best one I personally attended while in Atlanta. Joy Juice was right.... I had a blast!

-Breathless Juice

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>> View 14th Annual Wear White Review Gallery
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