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Its the first weekend of summer in NYC, its hot, humid, hazy and we looking to lime.  The boys of ShorBlu Events sent out a blast that BluVino is moving indoors to Manhattan in the Financial District.  Never to miss a swanky event and a chance to refine our pallet, we were heading to the city to taste wine!

As in past years, upon entrance you were given the signature Bluvino glass and wine menu, the same rules applied.  We entered the Broad Street Ballroom and was greeted with wine barrels strewn throughout the ballroom, food station to the right and wine bar and tasting stations to the left..... plenty room left to 'palance'.

From Moscats, Riesling, Processeco, Reds, Rose and my personal favorite Port, a variety of wines were covered and available to purchase by the bottles of course.  Moderately priced allowed everyone to have bottles and we know when bottles start popping it does not take long for the libations to bring out the inner whining jumbie!

In between drinking and whining, Taste of Tants was serving up lots of tasty eats that paired well with the wines.  Loved the variety of foods offered.  Natural Freaks, S.L.I, Kaos and Sounds 4 Life kept the tunes spinning giving BluVino a nice swanky vibe.

Dre, Curtis and Randall you guys did it again.  A birdie say there might be a next venture coming up soon.  TJJ and the masses patiently await...


Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View BluVino - Wine & Music Festival Gallery