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So I had to race up to Boca Raton for the 6th Annual West Palm Beach Carnival, now dubbed "Palm Beach Carnival", as I was way behind schedule. After dropping the tail gate on my truck, I hit that gas peddle hard, without mercy. Arriving at the carnival (with no citations), the place was not as populated as I would have expected at this time. But I got word that the parade was running more than 3 hours after the start time... lucky me right??!! Needless to say, I got myself together, sorted all my camera lenses out and placed my media pass around my neck... I was ready for d' road!
The place certainly was not as packed as expected. However, the people who were there were well dressed and looked as if they were gearing up for the evening. And though the crowd was thin, the energy was nice. Some patrons started the drinking early and feting under the shady trees while waiting around for the parade to start.

Held in Boca Raton, an area famous for well manicured landscapes and lovely homes. Other than the heat, the stage layout was huge, comfortable and with great acoustics surrounded by a beautiful lake. True Floridian layout style.
As the event started, it did not look like a Carnival right away. Other than the few that were dancing, some others were just just laying around on the lawn waiting for the parade and concert to kick off. Needless to say, there was one person (other than the DJ's) that could kick the evening off with a never ending vibe ... and MC Wassy was just that guy!  Wassy took hold of the mic and dictated to the audience that he was starting the entire carnival over. Literally! And so he did indeed. As he started to do his thing, and kicked it off with "Differentology" by Bunji Garlin, the audience came in closer as it got bigger. Some of the masqueraders indulged themselves by going on stage and taking 'Just Ah Little Wine'.  Now de party start!! Palm Beach Carnival was getting ready to fete until 11pm. After the small parade, the concert was the main attraction where a few of the Caribbean's top artists performed. Assassin from Jamaica and Blaxx from T&T were the two main attractions. The evening culminated with a good vibe overall.
This event had a variety of foods. This was ideal to compliment the variety of people that were there.  With a taste of the Caribbean, the Americas and Asia all represented, there was no cause of anyone to complain. Good price, good value!


PBMOI staff took good care of us, as always. 

-Breathless Juice

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