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An Asian inspired theme greeted us as we entered the ultra exclusive Garden 54 for Brunch on the Greens.  The ladies of Southern Connections decked out in their Asian inspired attire made sure nothing was missing with the decor for their annual all inclusive brunch.  From fans, to lanterns, and some of the mini buddhas I spotted there was no mistaking we were in for a treat!

From Creole, Trinidad Chinese, to Indian cuisines there was something on the menu for everyone and if you had a sweet tooth, well you definitely had everything one might want as you were submerged in candy heaven with the vast selection.

As the sun went down and everyone seemed satisfied that they had their fill of eats, the jam session began.  The DJs on the cast covered every genre of music gearing up the crowd for a musical journey.  In the midst of the musical memory lane, the surprise guest artist took to the mic... there was no introduction needed as all you heard was "well we wait whole year, to mash up de place". Garden 54 seemed to regain super sized energy and came alive as everyone spread they hands and lehgo..... All social behavior went out the window as Blaxx sang from his collection of hits.

Before you know it, we realized that it was 10pm and the DJ was telling us it was time to go.  Thank you Southern Connection for a memorable  Sunday Brunch.

- JoAnn aka Karamel

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>> View Brunch on the Greens Gallery