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YUMA 2014 Band Launch Review
By Keiron S.
Published on 10-Aug-13
Yuma’s Cirque presentation intended to merge the essence of Cirque du Soleil and the ecstasy of ...

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"Everybody let me see you
Clap those hands...
I have a real Carnival Tabanca,
Hard Carnival Tabanca!
As soon as Carnival done this year
Well I just start catching fever!"
(Play Bunji Garlin's Carnival Tabanca)

Your Carnival Tabanca would have definitely been cured if you attended Yuma’s 2014 Carnival Presentation Cirque! Yuma aimed to deliver some much need medical care for this Tabanca through its fourth presentation Cirque! And your TJJ Doctor was on hand at the Hasley Crawford Stadium and was very determined to honour my Trini Hippocratic Oath to administer the best wining medical treatment to the thousands of Yuma Beauties in attendance!!!

Yuma’s Cirque presentation intended to merge the essence of Cirque du Soleil and the ecstasy of Trinidad’s Carnival! But for the most part it was collection of very detailed costumes of pretty colour combinations using construction styles that we have seen in every band for the season so far, except for the two notable stand outs... Ka and La Nouba!

Ka – The Fiery Beast was more of a literal presentation of the Lion Tamer with a creative use of printed metallic monokinis, top hats and whips for the girls! Then there was the Love It or Hate It costume La Nouba! La Nouba - The Misfits was the best interpretation of Cirque du Soleil for the night with its multiple option clown themed costume that whimsically used of chequered tights, black and white striped suits, fluorescent gems and an explosion of neon feathers! I would even go further to say that La Nouba may very well be the BEST designed costume among all of the presentations for C2K14! And the brilliant use of neon pink high heel shoes by the frontline costumed model proved to the unsure viewing audience that you can rock this costume in any brightly coloured shoe.

After the presentation that was punctuated with Michael Jackson styled dance numbers, which was another reference to Cirque du Soleil’s present Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour, it was time to get a few drinks from Angostura Brauhaus and soak up the good vibes. In the end Yuma’s Cirque Band Launch was the perfect blend of good vibes, great drinks and a fantastic Carnival Jump Up with a huge music truck around the national stadium!

- Keiron was there... where were you?

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