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It's August 24, do you know where your J'ouvert Jamishness(JJ) package is? If you don't know I suggest you mark the date on your calendar for next year.

So the TJJ crew and so many others waited all summer for JJ to roll around and it finally reach. Even before we reached the venue for about two blocks all that could be seen was a sea of jammettes decked out in their white "I love JJ" t-shirts.

The JJ paint girls were spraying you down upon entry, so you know what that means…no time for stush behavior! The yard was already pumpin and the rhythm section had a serious segment going on. Since the yard was already full there was very little walking room so it was only walking and jammin' going on.......a little whine neva' hurt nobodyyyyyyyy!!

In no time the yard was ram and in typical JJ behavior people began to climb the truss and start whinin....ah wonder who start that trend. I'm not sure when it happened but the everyone to the front of the yard was soaked and it wasn't from sprinklers because there was none. Whey the water hose come from that mash up all the drinks on the bar? The soaking was a welcomed treat because between the baby powder fogging up de place, gulal (abeer), sweat and heat we needed to cool off!

All of Brooklyn's finest were on the turntables and since it was a J'ouvert fête there were lots of nostalgic moments of remembering where you were when a certain song was playing.

Ago Solvo...you and the crew did it again. But I think its safe to say you have outgrown Voulme II. We need more space to palance. TJJ had a time and didn’t even realize we fete for that many hours.


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>> View J'Ouvert Jamishness Gallery