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In 2012 I attended a BESS fete. I didn't want to go to this fete seeing I would have gotten there at 11pm and it was to lock off at 12am but with a few phone calls, text messages saying something to the tone of "boy DON'T miss this even if it would be for 30 mins"....well what can you do with invites warning you to not miss this. Low and behold I got there 11:30pm and the session didn't end til about 2am and it easily was prolly one of the BESS fetes of 2012. What made this a BESS fete you may ask.....VIBBBBBBESSSS! Would 2013 live up to the previous year? If you haven't already taken a look at these pictures...keep reading. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Labor Day Sunday Cooler Fete 2013!

This crowd was easily some of the most energetic people around. I have a  feeling many were at last year's fete and the new comers heard about it and wanted to bear witness. Everyone was dressed in their cool summer threads, everyone was easy on the eyes and most importantly easy on my lens [little photographer joke ;)].

Driving up to the venue one thought that came to mind was "where am I and where am I going?" but thanks to the thoughtful promoters (BK Entertainment, CaribUnited, and Bakanal Inc.) as you came to junction in the road where you thought there wasn't any more road to go there was someone with a nifty sign that read "Cooler Fete" and with his fete finger pointing "down sooo" you were reassured you were in the right place.

Even though this venue wasn't the typical cooler fete venue as past years, as the night fell with the back drop of the ocean and summer light and knowing that you were so isolated from any disturbance it made fete'n more enjoyable.

Once you got into the venue and a few drinks out the coolers started pouring one couldn't mistake the sounds from DJ Bimshire, Hazzard and Sprang International as nothing less that top notch. This started the party and surely ended it in pure pumping style!

Well it was a cooler fete so you were only limited by your beverages of choice. I did notice there was a bar inside so if you ran out and your friendly fete'n neighbor next to you did as well you could get something inside. The food was provided by Crown Bakery and that jerk chicken and doubles surely hit the spot the few times I visited.

From the FREE parking to the COMPLIMENTARY cooler pick up and drop off down the street everything was good!

All in all the Labor Day Sunday Cooler Fete surely lived up to its history of pure vibes and non stop jamming. We look forward to next year and whats in store.

- Freshly Squeezed

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