Burton Toney is back! After taking a hiatus from the carnival scene for the last two years, the Tobago-born singer is making his re-entry with three mega hits.

With "Only You" and "Shawty" two groovy soca, and "Find You" a up tempo song, Burton believes he has the right mix of music to please all soca fans.

“With these three songs people will hear different sides of me, I could fit in anywhere this carnival,” he says. "Shawty" a collaboration with his wife Lisa was released in August. Only you he said was written Carnival last year, as he sat in his Nantucket, USA, home thinking about Carnival. “It sounds like a love song but it really speaks about my love for the culture and the music,” he explains. Madmen productions produced both songs.

"Find You" written by Jason Bishop aka Sharft and Produced by Neil Bernard, was released on December 15th. The song tells the story about a guy who jumped up with a girl in a band last Carnival and is back to look for her this year. It’s a concept any mas player ought to be familiar with
Burton, who won over fans with his energy and charisma, as well as awesome physique, as a vocalist with Alantik, says he is excited about his three offerings, and is looking forward to entering every competition he can, look out he will "Find You".