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ISLANDPeople 2014 Band Launch Review
By Kadesha aka Butterfly Juice
Published on 27-Aug-13
A round of applause and a standing ovation to the ISLANDPeople Mas Committee...You had to be...

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A round of applause and a standing ovation to the ISLANDPeople Mas Committee. Words really can’t describe this out of this world band launch, it was an event you needed to experience. You had to be there to understand the concept and presentation for their Carnival theme presentation for 2014, the whole "MAGIC, MYSTERY, MARVEL"

This band launch is one for the history books. Lights, cameras and UV lights! The Broadway production style presentation was ready to unleash to patrons this spectacular show.

The story line indicated to me that we cannot forget what our culture is and how Trinidad and Tobago Carnival really started and how it has evolved over the years. From the folk law to modern dance to hip hop, chutney dancer to choir, violin playing to African drums to steel pan. The fusion of our ethnic blends was most present. Poetry from Jean-Claude Cournand about how a wine could change a person’s life, he spoke the truth the reality of we trini culture and things that take place on the road on Monday and Tuesday.

They also added a personal touch where persons got familiar with the designers of the costumes and what they believe represented MAGIC, MYSTERY AND MARVEL.

As the costumes were displayed it was not your regular walk out and pose. Models were dancing, flipping and being very creative while displaying the very beautiful and vibrant costumes. There are costumes for everyone and their body type, they offered a wide range of selections within every section that was showcased. The local celebrities played a major part in displaying the pretty mas costumes, to name a few Dancing Jade, Whitney Husbands and Soca Diva Patrice Roberts. They all did a fantastic job.

ISLANDPeople is out with a bang and ready for Carnival 2014! Hope everyone is ready for the road…

I must say the experience was amazing…. A band launch with a difference…

- Kadesha aka Butterfly Juice

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>> View ISLANDPeople 2014 Band Launch