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Summer is unofficially over and we're thinking maybe we have one more fête to go before we hibernate. So when we heard that VIP 500 was happening at a new location with a view to die for, we had to experience it.

Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg on the waterfront, the space was transformed into a white oasis with Manhattan skyline as the backdrop. Decked out with white tents, tables, couches, and the added touch of the opaque cubed bar, everything looked sexy in white.

Royal Castle, Footprints, Sugarcane restaurants served up some tasty eats that included, fried chicken, Asian style shrimp, rasta pasta, pie and callaloo just to name a few. Not to be outdone by the Oyster man with his seafood medley and Picky Eaters with the chow that had sugarcane and chenette in it, talk about a bess chow! And of course there was a sushi bar.

It was a slow pickup since West Indians have no concept of time and most people showed up after the sun went down. However, that did not take away from the music and the vibe that was building. With everyone having the fill of eats and drinks from the Carib, Johnnie Blue or regular bar, it was time to wake up the party and fête VIP style! With a nice selection of djs that made sure to play everything the crowd wanted to hear, the dance floor was jammin.

With the sun completely down and a chill in the air, the freaks truly came out to fête. No need to explain as if you weren't there then you know where you need to be next year. Between the guest artist and the remnants of crop over music the dj kept teasing the crowd. We wanted to go home but the music too sweet. Its 11:30pm on a Sunday night and we can't leave to go home yet. B2B Ent and Sesame Flyers Inc. allyuh just wicked but we not complaining.

To the B2B Ent., Sesame Flyers Inc and everyone else involved great event!


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