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On a night when one would expect all the freaks and goblins to be out roaming the street, there was no surprise to see them all gathered at the Alero Lounge, releasing their inhibitions. From the ghosts to ghouls.....to the genie and the mermaid, every character released their rhythms on November 2nd 2013.

The crowd was a decent quality. The women were appealing and so were the costumes. Lol. I am not sure how to describe the costumes I saw but a pair that stood out was the two ladies that were dressed as 'body scrubbers!' Fantastic. Overall, the crowd was relatively trendy with lots of good looking people, that packed out the Alero lounge with ease.

This event is an every year event. The venue is definitely too small for this party. Obviously the party goers love the concept but we certainly need to give them more room to wine.

To sum this up....the vibes was "Out of This World!!" DJs Hazard, Sprang and Back 2 Basics from NY, held nothing back on this night.

There was an open bar with lots of drinks. Maybe they can do with a few more bartenders in place to take care of the crowd at the counters. However, with a larger venue, I am sure this will be fixed.

As always, we are pleased with BK and Carib United. They treat their people very well. Thanks for the love guys!

Worth the $20.00 for general admission. You can tell by the sold out crowd.

For my second year in a row, I was pleased with the turn out, the music and the type of people. Everyone had a great time. Kudos to the promoters for being consistent. Thanks for having TJJ!!

- Joy Juice...Out And About!

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>> View The Conjuring - Release Your Inhibitions Gallery