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Any event that gets past their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year in a row, can easily be considered a successful event. For DJ Hazzard, he's hosting EWS (as it's notably called) for the 9th year in a row. Held at the illustrious Tuscana West Night Club in the nation's capital, you definitely had to keep your eyes wide open for EWS 9!

This event scored high points in every category for crowd. From the quality to the size to looks and appeal, this crowd had everything. The crowd came out this night. They packed out the venue. Women were well dressed and guys were looking sharp. So were they trendy?? ..... a resounding YES! As for any surprises, Edley Shine from Born Jamericans was in the house.

Tuscana West is an upscale night club with a few different places to party, all on one floor. The place was clean and well kept with a descent temperature in it. However, because of the location, it made parking very very difficult. But then again, its downtown DC! Now lines outside a club is usually a sign of good things to come, however not when security taking their cool time to let people in. No fault of the promoter though, who's promised to get that going. Thumbs Up!

Ohh boy! What AH Vibes Session! The music was non-stop. And in true Caribbean fashion, when the party was over, no one wanted to leave. Signs of a good event! DJ Majestic, Half Krazy and DJ Dayne from Trinidad really pumped up the night. At the end of the night, we felt that the extra 15mins that they stole from us would have done us a hell of good. Can someone tell me who we need to talk to to end DC parties at 5am ... please!

No food at this event, but plenty to drink. However, it was a bit tough to get one. Simplest way to put it, we don't think the promoters expected that packed out house so not enough bartenders were on duty.

True professionals in all that they do, the promoters ensured that all their guests were treated like VIPs. Seeing them move around, thanking their patrons was a nice touch. In all, we were pleased with the service. Thanks for the love Hazzard!

$20 for a vibe filled night - Great value!

EWS 9 was fantastic.... it certainly was bigger and better than EWS 8. The DJs kept everyone wanting more by playing big tune after big tune. Big ups to the ladies at the door... the hardest working duo in America!! lol. Maji, as always... yuh large. We even saw BK Ent. passing through. DJ Hazzard, good job bossman. We had a great time.

Much Love.
Joy Juice...Out And About!

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