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After much success of Bluvino, the boys of Shorblu decided to try something new. Merging the idea of a wine fest in the winter gave birth to Re-Wined. The idea in itself seemed fantastic since Bluvino has become a staple that people look forward to.

In a spacious Williamsburg loft in Brooklyn, guests were greeted by red votive candles at the entrance of the venue all the way up the stairs to the third floor where all the action was happening. Red curtains accented the room giving a mix of Christmas and a romantic yet mysterious vibe, definitely a different feel thanks to Designed by Marlon Smart. Don’t forget to check out his page or like his page on www.facebook.com/designedbymarlonsmart.  Now back to Re-Wined.  Let me tell you, Text-a-holic Juice and I went on what seemed like a journey to find this spot, but when we finally reached, heard the sounds of soca and saw friendly faces we were ready for a drink or two.

From Shiraz, Moscatel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon to name a few spanning from regions in Germany, Australia, and Italy, there was something for every wine connoisseur to taste and or broaden their pallet. The wine list was extensive but there was no PORT! So we make do with what was on the menu. Of course there was an array of food which consisted of all your Christmas favorites which complimented the wine selections.

Now, by no means was this event stuffy as the average wine event. We know how these boys do, so you know all the usual Shorblu suspects were on the cast to spin at the event. With a mix of soca, reggae, classics and not to mention parang, after all it is Christmas, and what is Christmas without a lil' parang, there was something for everyone.

Though the crowd was much smaller than the typical Shorblu party, this one was very intimate and added a nice feel.

Shorblu, it looks like you are creating another signature event that will be talked about.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from the TJJ family!


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