POS, Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – World-renowned international skin care brand Olay proudly launches its latest line of cutting edge products in the Trinidad and Tobago market aptly titled ‘Olay Fresh Effects’ on Thursday 30th January 2014.

Just in time for the hectic 2014 Carnival season, the household name will be unveiled at a chic fashion-influenced cocktail affair at the classy Carlton Savannah Poolside.
Fans of the Olay brand as well as those now getting into the science and art of skin care will get the opportunity to interact with the new range of products and gain insight from different experts in the field.

Olay Fresh Effects is best described as a ‘transitional’ line as it attracts a large following around the world of females aged 18-35 i.e. those who are passed the stage of using the ‘Clean and Clear’ products (which are geared towards teenagers) and not quite at the stage of using the ‘Regenerist’ line (which is predominantly used by a more mature audience).

The launch which takes the form of a swanky soiree will offer an appropriate platform for specially invited guests and the media to get up close and personal with the Olay Fresh Effects products and to learn their various advantages especially as it pertains to application and usage during Carnival activities and events.

Attendees of the launch event will be able to benefit from make-up booths featuring mini workshops by specialists Nina Alacantara and Renee Milford, as well as enjoy product demos and delectable hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and live entertainment.

In keeping with the season and launch’s fashion theme, there will also be a fashion show displaying various forms of Carnival-wear i.e. All-Inclusive Fete ensembles, Breakfast Party outfits, Monday Mas wear, etc.

Distributed locally by Marketing & Distribution (M&D), Olay Fresh Effects will be unveiled to the T&T media and specially invited members of the corporate and creative sector on Thursday 30th January 2014 from 7pm to 10pm at The Carlton Savannah Poolside, 2-4 Coblentz Avenue, St. Anns, P.O.S.

About Marketing & Distribution
M&D is a division of Trading & Distribution Limited a subsidiary of Neal & Massy Group of Companies, and is one of the premier distributors in Trinidad & Tobago.