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“That bumpah is too real
It dangerous
Ah wan ah whine but it lookin

With thousands of REAL Bumpahs all congregated in one space it was time for the most anticipated fete for C2K14!... It was time for the perfect Cooler, Breakfast, Wet Fete of ALL time!!... It was time for SOAKA!!!

As you entered the O2 Park you could smell the excitement, you can taste Bacchanal, you can feel the vibes and all that was left was to feel the water!!!

When it was thought that wOw Events could not have improved on Soaka the fourth time around, they did!  In addition to the usual complementary Ziplock Bags as you entered for your cell phone, large Coors Light beach balls to play with, inflatable pools for the Soaka Aqua Babies to wade in, and super soaker water guns courtesy Island Hobbies to squirt the unsuspecting person with, there was twice as many CO2 Special Effects Blasters (my last count was 8), Confetti Blasting Guns and a Bmobile Abir Blasting Tower!!!

My Soaka Crews came extra prepared for this epic event as numerous crews were outfitted on matching gear and raincoats while carrying their own personal inflatable pools, super soaker toy guns and in some cases their very own buckets of Abir.  And special mention must be give to the Bruk Out Girls Krew who all had de REAL bumpah!

From the moment the gates opened promptly at 3am DJ Private Ryan had the uptown crowd pumping as all genres of music were played setting the tone to declare that Soaka was no longer a fete but had evolved into a Music Festival!  The anticipation was again heightened as they announced that in addition to Machel and Bunji that there would be a surprise performance!  And rumours quickly spread that there would there be another filming of the official video for a mega Soca hit.  Would there be another epic “The Fog” moment?

Up first was Minister of Road, Musical Maestro Machel who conducted an orchestra of water trucks in synchronism with his performance.  In quick succession Machel let go Wettin After Wettin but it was surprise hit “Sound Bang” that really moved the crowd into a frenzy.  Next was Bunji who, as the sun began to rise, brought out surprise act Fay Ann Lyons to perform her EDM infused hit “Catch Me” which left everyone falling in love with her again!  Finally it was time for the real surprise Groovy Soca King Kerwin Du Bois!  But instead of making everyone groove to the music, his rendition of “Too Real” resulted in a total wine down session!!!

Again the usual sponsors were also in attendance with free Cooler Light, Freeze Smoothies, Forest Park Lollies and Pepsi flowing from every corner.  But special mention must be made to the most important sponsor of them all Jazco Contracting Services Ltd (JCSL)!  With nine large JCSL water trucks and over 40,000 gallons of water there was not a dry area in sight!!!

At the end of it all SOAKA was the most epic event for C2K14! And after a night like that all you can say is wOw!

Keiron was there... where were you?

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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