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We arrived to the pier with minutes to spare, luckily there was still a line of patrons waiting to get on this luxury yacht for the 2nd night of the infamous Machel Montano extravaganza . We were welcomed by sexy sailors, covered in jewels, sequins, and spray painted bodies. Four full levels of feteing on the Hudson River, with the scenic views of the city skyline, with premium rum, delicious catered food and sweet soca music. What more could you want for this Memorial Day Weekend!

Although it was pretty easy getting on and off the boat... don't let the lines food you, the boat was ram packed. Whether you were in general, having a time on the main floor, or up in the VIP sections, you definitely were shoulder to shoulder with other partygoers, and unintentionally whinnin on a bumper. It was no scene though, the adrenaline was at its highest, and patrons didn't seem to mind until it was showtime. VIP guest abandonned their booths and aerial views, to get a better glimpse and be part of the action when the Power Soca Monarch took the stage.

This top notch yacht was super clean, and ultra spacious. If you did not want to be in the heat of the fete, you had many "cool down" options throughout the four levels to grab a bit, sit and chat or give your feet a little rest. We didn't bounce up any bathroom lines, which was a major plus, and the bars were located in the most spacious, most accessible areas. The lighting added to the upscale ambiance and gave this fete luxurious feel. We definitely cruised in style this time around.

The VIP level was glad with sparkly, glitter covered lounge chairs and clear tables were a great addition to the decor, and its best accent was the well dressed partygoers. It definitely added a nice touch to the asthetics of the yacht.

The vibe continued to build from the time we arrived to the time we left the anchor. Drinks were flowing, and people seemed to be very comfortable. The party was already pumping hours before the pre-performance excitement began to set in. People lost there minds to the hottest soca tunes, and truly rocked the boat.

The chaos started from the time Machel, his band and sexy dancers hit the stage. His energy and engagement with the audience was mind blowing and grabbed our attention for a full 2 hour set. Unfortunately Patrice Roberts and Farmer Nappy did not make the show, but Machel had no problem carrying the show on his own. They couldn't get him off the stage! The man hit us with his hottest tunes and brought us back which was very much enjoyed. Machel's boatride was EPIC and surely worth the money. We can't imagine what FLOAT 2015 will bring.

- Reva aka Cocoa Juice

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>> View Float 'The Ultimate Yacht Experience' 2014 Gallery