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SAUCE All Inclusive Day Fete Review
By Neil aka Joy Juice
Published on 31-May-14
Its almost summertime and the heat is on the rise... on this day, SAUCE held their first All Inclusive All White Affair with a "hint" of yellow! Believe me when ...

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Its almost summertime and the heat is on the rise. There’s no snow to worry about, no cold weather, no ice storm or hail! However, the flowers are out and in full bloom. Speaking of blooming, this year the color of yellow is more than prominent this time around. In fact, on this day, SAUCE (A concierge service company based in the DMV area) held their first All Inclusive All White Affair with a "hint" of yellow! Believe me when I say that a lot more than flowers were blooming on that day, at this event! Beautiful women and men, decked off in their best all white gear, donned either their own piece of yellow somewhere on their person, or they were not afraid to showcase the SAUCE banners/handkerchiefs across their clothing. Greeted with warm smiles and a SAUCE glass at the entrance of the Newton White Mansion, this almost sold out event was a rare treat for the Caribbean diaspora that certainly knows a thing or two about parties in the DMV. And it you were having a 'Haunted' feeling on this day, specifically between the hours of 11am and 4pm, there was only once place to be..... at the SAUCE ALL WHITE AFFAIR!

Without a doubt, this crowd was sexy and sophisticated. The patrons were all well dressed. There wasn't a large crowd at this event, but this was intentional. This gave the trendy feters room to move when fun time started. For me, when I noticed the women wearing their 4 and 6 inch heels at a day fete, I was a bit concerned about their mobility. Boy was I wrong!!!

If you have never been to the Newton White Mansion, you should Google it. Sitting on a golf course with breathtaking nature views, one could not have asked for a better place to party. Event goers were led into the beautiful building, then escorted to the back of the mansion where all the fun began!

The excitement was a bit slow at the beginning but finished off with a bang! The 4pm ending time proved to be not enough for the avid limers after all! I guess the 12noon sun did not appeal to too many folks. By 1:30, top Canadian DJ D Bandit, sparked some energy into the saucy crowd that really got them going. DJ Private Ryan, in true fashion took the party home with his quality spinning. We must big up DJ Hazard for bringing the crowd to their feet as well. The stellar DJ cast at this event was enough to complement this exclusive event. There was nonstop vibes during the latter half of the event and everyone was in a frenzy at SAUCE! Even the girls in carnival costumes, got down and sexy, encouraging a true carnival vibe to this event.

Maybe my feet were too slow to get to the jerk wings... but I still heard from lots of the patrons that all of the food was very good. Caterers at the venue did a fantastic job of presenting the food. The food was on the inside of the building itself, while the drinks were within arms reach of everyone. There were two bars that consisted of premium drinks and two servers that were more than capable of managing the flow. They kept the people both drinking and partying, by delivering their drinks timely.

From entrance to exit, there was no complaint about the service. Actually, service here, was absolutely stellar! Even the police officers that helped us find a park were professional and courteous. To Safiya, your mom and your staff, what a fantastic job you did in serving your patrons! TJJ was extremely happy with your service!

Overall, this was a Class - Sexy - Exclusive - Fun - Socarific - event that will certainly be remembered. I am booking my spot for the next SAUCE event. And if you don't know who they are and what they do, feel free to check them out at

SAUCE, thanks for showing Trini Jungle Juice some love. Great event!!! We are looking forward to the next one!

- Joy Juice.. Out and About

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