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Wow..... what a performance by the stellar cast, to kick off things for the Atlanta Carnival 2014! TJJ met a packed house at the Museum bar. Lots of "girls an dem" certainly favored this event. Whether it was in support of DJ Stephen, or to see both 5 Star Akil and Kerwin DuBois perform, this house was absolutely packed. A great event by no stretch of the imaginary!

The crowd came out for this event in fine style. Well dressed and in their numbers...nothing stopped these partygoers on this night! Everyone came out to 'spoil dey self!'

This was a good venue. A bit out of the way but not a hard task for any GPS. The bottom floor of this 3 floor night spot, was the home for the event. Good layout with nice size stage, made things easy for feters to move around and see the show. The place was very hot but 80% of that was due to the sold out show and not the AC system. Overall, not a bad look.

The vibes here was on point. To the surprise of the audience, Lyrikal graced the stage for approximately 10mins, delighting the already hyped crowd. With the now very popular DJ Stephen, both Eternal Vibes and DJ Fully Focus held their own to keep the soca hungry crowd very happy. The night was a fun night for all in attendance.

No food was visible but the journey to the bars were a task. Long waiting periods did not help the cause. The only good this was you could have seen the stage from anywhere, so why you waited, you could have still enjoyed the show. To their credit, the bar delays were certainly not the fault of the promoter.

As always, we are happy with DJ Stephen and Kerwin. They have always shown TJJ respect! Respect goes out to them as well.

Early bird tickets started at $20.00 This was not a bad cost at all. VIP maxed out at $45. I believe value was found here.

This event exceeded expectations. Crowd numbers and quality went up a huge notch from 2013 I AM Soca and the performances were exceptional! The event was a good way to kick things off. We were happy with the outcome. In passing through, we ran into several TJJ supporters... the ladies of We Kinda Ting mas band, the Stacks, Krista and the Madd Flava family as well were in full effect. I must big up 5 Star Akil. You are really doing a great job! Keep up the good work! Much respect. DJ Stephen, congrats on another successful event on your journey. This event was Too Meh Heart!

- Joy Juice.. Out And About

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