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My oh My!!! This review, in honesty, will be short and sweet! If I begin to truly describe all that went on Sunday morning at SUNDAY Morning, I may never stop writing! Maybe we can get away with saying that this event put on by One Drop Events, is in competition for the best event in Atlanta for carnival. This year, the promoters changed things up a bit. For the absolute better!

You all know that when folks go to church on Sunday Morning, they are well dressed. The same was true for this event. Though not church, the event goers made no mistake in decking out for their saviors…. One Drop Sounds. The women were plentiful and bountiful, for want of a better term. And the guys kept it clean cut. Most of them. As for the crowd, not the ram-ist or the cram-ist... but this dance was comfortably packed! We were able to move in and out without any problems. So if you wanted to steal a wine or two, you were good to go, without having to wonder if you would be bumped all over the place.

Many people may not think that behind a building is a good location for anything… but the piece of lawn that spread across the back and the tall trees that formed a barricade around the facility, was enough to give this place the aesthetics it needed. With the addition of cabanas for the VIP sections, that flanked the sides of the DJ set, the décor was perfect!!! The location of the food and drinks were strategically placed at the back to allow patrons a bit of a breather when stepping away for a drink or two. With parking on the street of course, we still had no problem with this event. Perhaps the end time, but that’s always a tough one.

Real BESSSSSSSSS!!! Between perennial DJ’s Jaspa, touches, Shane Talon and a few others, the sound was spot on! The vibe was great. And for those of you who remembered the final song “Haunted” by Machel Montano, being played about three to four times, that session spoke for the entire party.

There was a cash bar that I am sure turned well. The food was tasty. Especially the corn soup but it ran out! ? We were not too happy about that. I needed my third serving. Kumar, salt prunes and tamarind balls all made their Sunday Morning debut!

Sooooo just for a moment, forget TJJ even was there. If I was a spy in that event, I would tell you that this organization was really good. We appreciated how One Drop Events (Jaspa and Lotus), were facilitating the crowd by moving through it and linking with the people. Moms and her crew and pops, could be seen either selling tickets for the food or parading through the party in a Sunday morning t-shirt respectively. Good service!

For a fee of $20 for general, this event well priced. We absolutely got value for money.

Sunday Morning 3 was a hit! With a combination of good music, drinks, food, sexy looking women, decked out VIP cabanas and then some, this event had all the pieces of a bess party! We must shout out DJ Spice and Team Soca for making the trip, the We Kinda Ting crew, the Demolition Crew, the Richmond crew that rolled deep, the Inferno crew, the Mad Colors and Madd Flava crews, and the Spartanburg crew that made the trek.

One Drop, thanks for hosting us. From Bago Juice, Oriental Juice and myself, we appreciate the love a great deal.

- Joy Juice ... Out And About

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>> View Sunday Morning Breakfast Party 2014 Gallery
>> View Atlanta Carnival 2014 Coverage