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I remember my first Wear White like it was just yesterday... an approximate crowd of 400-500, neon lights, decent venue and lots of beautiful women. This was in 2009. Now in 2014, Wear White is an absolute "DNM" (Do Not Miss) event for Atlanta Carnival as it has now grown into the best and most attended event for Carnival. With a 1500+ strong following, that only means more beautiful women, bigger artists, a bigger venue and top DJs passing through. It's only sensible now that you book your return flight for Monday! So another successful year for Jillian and her crew and TJJ was there to share the excitement!

I'm not sure where some of these people were all weekend but on this night, they came out. And well dressed two. I saw some of the sexyest white outfits I have seen in quite some time. Everyone was decked out in their whites...top to bottom. The event was a success based on the numbers. The crowd was thick, boasting of 1500+ in attendance.

The Golden Glide Skating Rink is fastly becoming a 'go to' place for large scale events in Atlanta. This is Wear White's 4th year at this venue. It is very large with all the amenities in place. It can be easily access from the I-20 and has lots of parking. It's cool and clean so feters need not worry about about a thing.

From the jump, this event had vibe! The best DJs in Atlanta (Touches, One Drop, Tony Tempo just to name a few) held nothing back when playing. Complementing them was MC Wassy, the singing MC from New York City! I must admit, and this is no joke...Wassyman, as I like to call him, can hold down his own show. He's high energy, can work the hell out of a crowd and more importantly, holds his himself to a high standard when performing! He's well respected within the Caribbean community and is well sought after. As for the artist, Iwer and Blaxx were the headliners, and impressed the soca frenzy crowd. Blaxx, certainly overextended himself a bit on stage but I guess you had to be there to see it.

Drinks at this cash bar was ok. A good variety was definitely available. A bit of a long wait at the bar at times but the staff worked diligently to get all the patrons sorted out.

Over the years, TJJ has seldom had any experience that left room for questioning. Jillian and her team has always made sure we were in good shape prior to and post event! Thanks JT!

With a $20 cover, I think that was more that a good price. JT also distributed glow in the dark foam strips. You can't beat that right?

Wear White has been an annual staple for 15years and has cemented their place in the Carnival books. For the entire carnival, we as TJJ reps work hard. When we are at Wear White...we work, but we have a blast. Between Bago Juice, Oriental Juice and me, Joy Juice, had a fantastic time covering this event. From entry to exit, it was evident that patrons reserved energy for Wear White. I must big up the riddem section on the inside. To the DJs, great job. Overall this event was really good.

We are looking forward to 2015. JT, thanks for the love and excellent job! Much respect to Naya, Bandy, We Kinda Ting, the aToast and your crew etc etc.

- Joy Juice ... Out And About

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>> View Wear White 15 Gallery
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