Her game face is now on. She’s given the world the ultimate bumper swaying tune, calling on the ladies of not only the Caribbean, but the world at large, to use it, flaunt it and express themselves with it.

Now on the heels of “Bumpers Rule,” which rides with all surety on the ‘Fix It Up’ rhythm, comes a track that exudes the magic of masquerading on the streets of Port-of-Spain in the blazing sun, complete with glitter, feathers, beads and tempo.
“Play Mas,” a track written by Batson herself and produced by Julio Nelson, has been described by the Caribbean girl as, “my baby.”

Nadia says the track offers the masquerader the constant momentum to make the two days of feting on the street, unforgettable and essentially, the best two days of the entire year. This, she is confident will be the defining track to take her musical career to yet another level, a level that she’s worked quite hard to get to.

Batson’s vocals were recorded by Kasey Phillips of Precision Productions and the track was mixed and mastered by Madman Johann of Madmen Productions. The release of this tune, in no uncertain terms, makes it utterly clear that Carnival in T&T has only just begun... and added to that, lies the reality that Nadia Batson is not asleep... she’s wide awake and ready for the road.