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For the 3rd year in a row, Trini Jungle Juice has been invited to attend the West Palm Beach Carnival. We are always happy to be there. And believe me, it's not because of the cookies that the Double Tree Hotel gave us upon check in. Not at all. In fact, just to test their consistency, we took a couple extras. Needless to say, they were good and the 7th Annual West Palm Beach (WPB) Carnival was off to a great start.

With the possibility of potential thunderstorms looming, and the cancellations of several artists flights from the evening before, the Jouvert preceded the main event and got the ball rolling. By 5pm, the show kicked off with MC Wassy hyping the small crowd, alongside DJ Spice from New York City! MC Wassy, or Wassy Man as we like to call him, spared no song in his repertoire as the # 1 singing MC in this thing we call Carnival. Now the Grand Marshal of the New York Carnival, MC Wassy certainly proved his worth on this day. He kept the crowd going just until the headline artists arrived. 

Certainly accustomed to the beautiful warm weather, WPB carnival found it difficult to entice their customary patrons to come out, because of the now troubling thunderstorms. This certainly marred the celebrations for their 2014 event. Irrespective, the show went on! Sasha Melody, Youni T, Sweet Shells and a few other local acts, all delivered good performances to the audience.

To close off the evening, Eddie Charles of Traffik, Yankee Boy, Ragga and Benjai were all carded to perform. As the evening rolled on, only Eddie Charles got to the stage (and enchanted the crowd) before the thunderstorms interrupted the show. With obvious safety for all the patrons/artists/vendors/committee members, the WPB Police Department, who were monitoring the weather conditions on the committee's behalf, had to cancel the celebrations. Definitely not something anyone wanted to hear, but certainly understandable! By 8pm, WPB Carnival was concluded.

To their credit, the West Palm Beach Carnival Committee showed top of the line service to all artists, including TJJ. We certainly appreciated the way they took care of us. We would hope that they will continue to push this event for 2015 and beyond. With more aggressive advertising, the West Palm Beach Carnival can do wonders. We certainly look forward to working with you guys again in the future!

We want to personally thank Loma Blenman and her family and her committee for hosting us at this event. We appreciate all you have contributed to the Caribbean population in West Palm Beach, Florida. Keep up the efforts. Looking forward to 2015 with you guys!!

- Joy Juice ... Out and About!

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