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After attending this event last year, I already knew what I was getting into. The lavish vibes that is Climaxx surpassed its recognition from drinks flowing to non-stop wotlessness. Not only did they play soca but they gave us the best of the best of the Caribbean vibes. Not one person stopped dancing at any given time even in motion on the way to the bar. They didn't only deliver but preceded any expectations one had from their previous events. It was all positive energy throughout the venue from Upstairs to downstairs.

It was full ah vibes and comfortably packed.

Free valet parking, location in the middle of town at the famous Beyonce House of Dereon.

Crowd was hype from beginning to end! Hands stayed in the air and feet stayed pumpin on the ground until the place shut down. Performances by Houston's own T-Rock, DJ and Mc's by Back2Basics, Jugglers Intl, Selectress HummingbirdTony Cross and DJ Kevin Evil.


Shots were flowing throughout the party and Carib beer was very prevalent! (apparently its not an easy beer to get to Texas!) The bartenders were very professional and on-point, drinks were easy and quick to obtain.

Food was decently priced and tasted amazing! From Beef Patties, Bake + Saltfish to Curry Stew Chicken and Curry Goat Roti! It was a good Caribbean fusion offered.

Lymerz Intl and their very helpful team gave excellent service throughout the event. They delivered their upscale and sophisticated vibe with trendiest and sexiest party goers! Who knew that it could only get better than last year!

$30/pre-sold and $40/at the door. Whether you purchased before or after, you got your moneys worth!

Special thanks to Lymerz Intl for having TriniJungleJuice cover their Epic event! Hope to be apart of the vibes next year in 2015!

- COOP aka Smiley Juice

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>> View Climaxx - The Premier Day Party Gallery
>> View Houston Carnival 2014 Coverage