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Roti, Phoulrie, Mimosas and Rum-Punch, what do you get? Ultimate Breakfast PUMP! The vibes steadily flowed from early leaving all tummys full and bodies jumping. Riddim section was keeping the beat of the music and energy high. We all felt good from the inside out! It was a great close to the fete season of Houston Carib Fest. I can only imagine what next year will bring!

Stylish crowd that was comfortably packed with room to dance. This party never lacks with attendees in their best breakfast party attire.

Easy access right off the highway! In the trendiest spot of town between midtown and the heights in the lavish uptown park center.

After breakfast was served, DJ was pumping chunes and everybody was on the dance floor. From likes of Dj Dovey Dove, Platinum Sounds, Tony4Real and MCs Tony Cross and Mel Barton.

AAAMAAZZZINNGGGG FOOOD!!! Both outsourced and home cooked, this food was nothing short of having you reminisce of home cooking! Not only was the food delicious, but the bar was extensive. They even served fresh rum punch!

Fetemasters definitely did it big! Everything was good all around from easy access to the venue, getting in swiftly, amazing food, top shelf liquor and the nicest staff who worked really hard.


Thank you to Chris Knight and his team of Fetemasters who allowed TriniJungleJuice to be apart of this event. I believe it will only continue to grow as it has. Keep the pumping alive!

- COOP aka Smiley Juice

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>> View Premium Ultimate Breakfast Party Gallery
>> View Houston Carnival 2014 Coverage