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Outta Da Blue Review
By Neil aka Joy Juice
Published on 19-Jul-14
My hope is that the phrase I am about to use, will carry on for years to come, when it comes to this event. In fact, I am sure patrons of this event will agree that this 'Premium All Inclusive' event, is worthy of the proposed phrase ...

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My hope is that the phrase I am about to use, will carry on for years to come, when it comes to this event. In fact, I am sure patrons of this event will agree that this 'Premium All Inclusive' event, is worthy of the proposed phrase "Outta De Blue was Outta Dis World".

Held at the popular nightclub/restaurant/lounge in downtown Washington DC (Fourteenth St. to be exact), Outta De Blue's promoters, QRC (Queen's Royal College) North America, left no stone unturned. From the venue, to the music, to the drinks, to the food, and to the service, this event was special. Every entity I mentioned, worked together like a well oiled machine.

In its 11th year, Outta De Blue has become one of the most talked about and well attended events in the DC/MD/VA area. And I am not just saying this because I am an alum myself. I am stating this because... well because it's a fact. And though it is my first year attending, I have been hearing about this event since my collegiate years in South Carolina.

Nevertheless, on July 19th 2014, this 'Outta Dis World' gala was blessed by both the current Principal of QRC, Mr. Simon, and the QRC Pan Ensemble. After the 3rd and 4th formers played beautiful renditions of 2014 soca tunes on their pans, Mr. Simon, whom I knew since my days as a footballer for the QRC 1st 11, greeted the attendees and thanked them for the support of this annual fundraiser. After his remarks, the rest was history!

At this event, the crowd was very diverse. Though lots of elders were in attendance, the crowd boasted of a mix between them and the younger versions of themselves... fun, exciting, passion for soca and well dressed. The event possibly had over 600 patrons that occupied three areas of the venue. Several dignitaries were in attendance, including the Honorable Dr. Neil Parsan, the Trinidad and Tobago ambassador of the DC Embassy and Dr. Wayne Fredericks, the current President of Howard University.

The Park at Fourteenth in Washington DC occupies prime real estate in the Nation's Capital. With it being easy to find, patrons often vote this club as a must attend while in Dc. The Park's layout consists of 3 floors and a patio, all of which has well stocked bars. Its ease of access to each floor, including an elevator, makes this venue a one of a kind. This was the perfect place to hold Outta De Blue's several hundred patrons.


The vibe was excellent. From the rhythmic tunes played by the QRC Pan Ensemble to the versatility of DJ's Andy Mix and Maga, this 9hour event, had plenty music to fulfill the needs of every palancer. There was lots of partying, dancing, wining up and wining down going on. At the end of it all, we all had a fantastic time at this event.

Unbelievable is the only way to describe food and drinks. Lets start by me telling you about the fruit punch. A concoction made with mango rum, was the talk of the evening by all who tried it. This all inclusive event, really was ALL-inclusive. The well stocked bar, offered every premium drink available to every patron. Every need was satisfied on this evening. And for those who required softer items, buckets of Carib Shandy (ginger and sorrel) were placed at the end of each bar at your disposal.

So now lets talk about this food.... Ms. Lois.... thank you, thank you, thank you! I can safely say, and I am sure everyone who had food at Outta De Blue can concur, that this was the best food I have eaten at any event for quite some time. In fact, the last time I had food like this (salad with fruit, roti, stew chicken, grilled salmon, callaloo, macaroni pie and currant and coconut rolls for desert) was at A.M. Nesia 3yrs ago at the same venue, where again, Ms. Lois was the cook! It is understandable why the Trinidadian born and bred Ms. Lois is the Executive Chef at the Park! The food was exceptional. Even the presentation of the food was on point. And to top things off, as fast as a tray was empty, it was refilled. Food kept coming and coming!

To the QRC NA team, great job in using Ms. Lois. I am not sure where I am going to get it from but to you all... three thumbs up!

The service at this event was impeccable! Between the promoters and the venue staff, this was the best collaboration between two entities I have seen in a while. Just consider these things...entrance was easy with the several well dressed personnel at the front door checking for tickets, security personnel were uniformed, visible and courteous, the place was kept clean and free of trash as the servers moved in quickly to remove your plate as you finished your last bite. At the food lines, dishes were replenished timely where there was never the need to stand and wait for food. The promoters did a fantastic job in ensuring the event ran smoothly and could be seen moving in and around the crowd to ensure everyone's comfort. Great Job!

The cost was a donation of $65. All proceeds goes towards Queens Royal College.

To conclude, and in true QRC fashion, this event was well organized, produced and executed. The services, as mentioned was impeccable. The music was top notch and the food and drink was on point. A special thank you must go out to Gerard Davidson, Kwesi Ames and Jerron Smart for their efforts and for welcoming Trini Jungle Juice to this event. To the Principal of QRC, Mr. Simon, great seeing you after so many years. To the QRC Pan Ensemble, fantastic performance. Keep up the good work.

Outta De Blue was Outta Dis World!

- Joy Juice ... Out and About!

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