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Another year we get to party for charity, the feeling of giving always has some emotional benefits. You get to feel good about yourself and also bring joy to someone else who's less fortunate.

Purple and Blue RaffUP wristbands and coolers checked, onboard the Harbour Master we go! July 5th was just a day filled with good vibes and great music, as we sailed down the island and party like there’s no tomorrow.

Live performances from Kes, Swappi and Flippo left us all Bazodee, reminiscing on Carnival 2014 music. The boat ride was now a fete on the ocean as patrons danced and sang along to their favorite songs. At the end of the boat ride the Raff Up committee was able to raise a total of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars to donate to theTallMan Foundation.

Congratulations to the Raff Committee on the success from the event and being able to donate 100% of the proceeds.

It was our pleasure to be a part of Raff Up 2014. Thank you for having us.

- Xoxo Butterfly Juice

>> View Raff Up Charity Gallery