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Keeping its fingers on the pulse of consumers' needs as well as global trends has always been priority at the Bermudez Biscuit Company. The company unveiled the evolution of its Crix brand to key stakeholders at the Crix Street Food Festival. With a new brand slogan ‘Crix Makes It Better’, the event was also the formal debut of its fresh advertising campaign, new packaging and improved crackers, scheduled to hit shelves in early July. The enhanced Crix cracker comes as the company introduces its latest cracker technology to their factories, to improve the quality of the crackers and new packaging, which aims to support consumers' fast paced lifestyles and need for convenience. Bermudez General Manager, Ian Mitchell, said “that innovation brings the latest in cracker manufacturing technology to our factory, improving the quality of our crackers, with packaging that supports consumers' lifestyles and convenience. We remain committed to continuing this quest for innovation… keeping our fingers on the pulse of consumers' needs and trends.”

The Crix Street Food Festival was a partnership between Bermudez and celebrated chef Debra Sardinha- Metivier. The chef unveiled twelve (12) signature Crix infusions: from tiramisu, to fish soup and even pone. Speaking on the union, Crix Brand Manager Krystel Maharaj said, “Crix is iconic: it is that carrier cracker that goes well with everything. Our partnership with Debra has helped us to showcase the brand in an innovative way through the Crix infusions. It is reflective of where we are in that transformative process and our continued commitment to quality.”

From the early days of distribution, Bermudez was instrumental in the start of distributing its products to individual households, shops and parlours. From this strong distribution network, to the introduction of packaged biscuits in a variety of sizes, the company has always introduced innovation with its processes and products. The most recent innovation will allow Bermudez to further connect with consumers; reminding them that Crix has not only been a part of the local tradition for decades, but it has also been a product that continues to grow with them, by offering an improved version the Crix cracker that they have come to know and love.

Bermudez is also heavily invested in its people, acknowledging that brands play an integral role in the lives of not just consumers, but those who work within the organization to ensure that a quality product reaches consumers. Mitchell said “There is no way to separate the Company from the people. The company is the people. The ownership, passion and commitment that our people demonstrate. This is what the consumer experiences in our products.”

Over the years, Crix has been a unifying force: bringing people together, forming memories and shaping outlooks. The brand has been synonymous with quality, reliability and affordability, and even with this most recent innovation, these qualities continue to be the brand promise. Marketing Manager at Bermudez, Kameel Baksh-Edwards added, “Crix has been part of our culture for decades. Food is part of tradition, and the moments surrounding food creates memories; Crix has been part of those memories for so long. And as our consumers’ lives change, these moments are also evolving, and Crix is part of this evolution!”

>> View Crix Brand Innovation Media Event Gallery