Carnival Tip #1 From
Rhadi “The Carnival
Doctor” Ferguson

Today we live in a society where noise is constantly being pumped and “pushed” into our ear drums from our Bluetooth devices to regular giant size head phones that promote a “clearer” sound.  Whatever the case, you can clearly see how we have more devices with sound on our ears and person that we did years ago.  Compound this with loud noise exposure a few times out of the year and you can see why hearing loss and noise exposure strategies have become a hot topic of research and study.

Now, I know it seems cool to listen to the music on the road and in the fetes right up on the speakers, but, all things considered, your hearing is something that is very important and its one thing that you cannot get back when you lose it.

EVER!! Once you lose it – its gone!

The amount of exposure to loud music on the road and in fetes is remarkable.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing some ear plugs with you when you travel and using them. I use them all the time and so do all the people in my crew.   You can hear the music just fine. And the vibes are the same.  I’ve even coached some carnival virgins on how to buy the ear plugs that match the colors of their outfit for the fetes and on the road.

Now I know this may be something that is foreign to you and may not be perceived as “cool” but trust me, you hearing is important.


  • Your children should NOT be exposed to loud noise without ear protection during carnival season (I’ve seen plenty people bring their children out to enjoy the     experience and that is fine, just make sure they have ear protection)

  • DJs, Masqueraders, Band Staff and by standers should ALSO use ear protection

  • And please note, if you cannot hear someone or understand what they are saying while right in front of your face then that is a clear sign that ear plugs are necessary.

Think of ear plugs as a coat when you are unsure of the weather. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

So get some ear protection.


If all of that did NOT convince you to wear ear protection then maybe understanding that hearing loss accelerates the decline of brain function will do it for you!


The research states that there is a DIRECT correlation between hearing loss and the decline of brain function in adults.  “In the study, volunteers with hearing loss, undergoing repeated cognition tests over six years, had cognitive abilities that declined some 30 percent to 40 percent faster than in those whose hearing was normal. Levels of declining brain function were directly related to the amount of hearing loss, the researchers say. On average, older adults with hearing loss developed a significant impairment in their cognitive abilities 3.2 years sooner than those with normal hearing.

So please, take the extra step to wear the ear plugs, if not for me, for yourself.

Blessings from here to there,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
“The Carnival Doctor”

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