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I want to share something with you that is critical and that is important, especially for Carnival Virgins.

More often than not, when you are new to carnival, a carnival veteran has to take you "under their wing" so to speak and show you the ropes. This is a very arduous process, but you will never know it until you take a virgin under your wing yourself. Some never do and some do pay it forward. Whatever the case, somebody has to show you the ropes and undoubtedly, introduce you to "the crew" or "their crew" of carnival veterans and experts.

This is a risky move for the carnival veteran and.....

I want to give you a small piece of advice to help you:

1.  Get in a crew
2. Stay in a crew
3. Provide you with the opportunity to be invited into a crew

Because you may never get the invitation to get "in" and may have gotten kicked out or just find yourself on the periphery because of this one thing......


If there is one thing that carnival veterans and experts do NOT put up with when its time to prepare for carnival or during carnival, it is a bad attitude. If you complain about anything and I mean anything from ticket prices, to the food, to your costume... you will find yourself rarely contacted or kept at a distance for the next year.

I've watched it happen and I've seen it happen. 

Whatever you do, do not complain.

Here are some examples of how you can handle certain things and situations.

Food Example

If you really don't like the food. Do NOT fix up your face. Ask the vet that you are with:

"Cassandra, how was that bake and shark for you?"

If she replies, "It wasn't good at all."

Your response should be, "I wasn't really sure, but I figured you were eating it, so I tried it. Next time I'm going to just get whatever you recommend."

Fete Example

If the fete looks like its dead or the vibes aren't going well. Ask the vet you are with -- NOTHING!!!!

Just watch.

Fetes last for hours and what looks like a dead fete can soon turn up.

Remember fetes last for hours and they have an evolution to them.

Road Example

If your feet are hurting on the road or you are tired, don't complain. Just ask,

"Harold, what's the solution fuh when meh foot hurtin meh?"

Harold might just say, "Go to the back truck. All the way to the back, the potty truck, and climb aboard and just lean over the side for about 15 minutes to take a load off your feet and meet us back at truck number 5." 

Or he might say, "Ah told yuh mudda scunt to train up yuhself and instead yuh stick. Deal wit yuh foot how yuh want. Ah recommend yuh drink more rum!"

Or he might say, "Come with me. We are almost ready to take a lunch break. We can dip out early so that you can sit down for a few minutes."

It all depends on the veteran, the timing and the approach.

Hotel Example

If you don't appreciate the hotel service, don't complain. Just say,

"Man, I really appreciate you getting the hotel room booked because I know housing is tight during carnival. When you stay here is the best thing for us to just grab some towels from by the pool, ask the maids in the hallway or call the front desk, because I've called the front desk a few times with no success."

My Advice

Here's my advice.

I know it seems small, but a veteran is there to ENSURE that you have good time.

They are literally swapping out some of their good time to ensure yours. Be VERY mindful of this because they believe you are worth it.

They have transportation, shower times, meal times, fete times, and a bunch of other things running through their mind to make sure that you have a good time and when you are in need of something, they want to deliver it.  And if your approach comes off the least bit negative when all persons are somewhat sleep deprived, it can come out and come off the wrong way.

I would SUGGEST that you practice this NOW to stay on PACE. 

Anytime you are told to register for a site, pick up something, get something, read something, watch something, etc.,. Always, Always, Always, follow up with a "Thank You" and tell the person how much you appreciate them for helping you.

The veteran who took me under his wing, Winston, and I were friends for almost 20 years and the whole time during the process, I CONSTANTLY told him thank you and how much I appreciated the advice and guidance. I remember one exchange when I said, "I know I said this already but bro. I appreciate the guidance."  To which he replied, "Nobody can ever say 'thank you' to much. You are welcome."

And that's what I'm saying here. 


If you are not a good fit, you will not be asked back. And this has an impact which is greater than you know.

If you have been to carnival 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 times and you are STILL having trouble getting tickets and into fetes and into bands, etc.,.  You may want to ask yourself why that is.

If you change your attitude, you cannot only change your life, but also your Carnival Experience.


Bring the vibes, don't kill them.

I most certainly think that every Carnival Virgin should read this book, and every veteran should recommend it before their virgins go to carnival but I'm biased because I wrote the book. However, it is extremely helpful and $10 bucks can end up saving you $200 worth of headaches.

Question For You

If it is your virgin year, your first time to TNT Carnival or if you are still on the fence about going, let us know what your biggest question or concern is.  I'm sure someone on the TriniJungleJuice staff can answer your question(s).


Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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