This Message Has Been Brought To You By


It's that time of year again for me.

The time when so much time has passed from Miami Carnival that I've lost my "high" and Trinidad Carnival is a little bit too far away so I've gotten myself into a little slump.

This is the point where I'm excited but not super motivated anymore to get my @ss up at 5:30am and workout like I'm supposed to do.

Here is where I usually falter and then have to do a 3 to 5 week "sprint" before Trinidad Carnival to get "road ready."

I'm feenin' for some new 2015 mixes so that I can get motivated to get on the road, on the elliptical or on the bike, but the mixes are coming in too slow.  I need DJ Private Ryan to drop his Soca Brainwash mix but we are still a few more weeks away. 

This is the point. 

The point that will create the difference when I look at my 2015 pictures in comparison to the other years. Here's where I falter and if some of you admit it, here's where you falter too.

The damn Thanksgiving Holidays derails you, even though you fight it.  You fight the good fight but you end up on the ropes. You don't go down but you are on the ropes and then here it comes...... the office Christmas party, the Noche Buena celebration, a party with your kids at school, or a Christmas party at the church. Couple that with the "putting up the tree" parties, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, and hiding gifts (for us parents) -- and before you know it, you've slacked up on the Carnival prep and January is here.

So here's a message from the Carnival Doctor.....


Get back in the Carnival Preparation/Road Ready fight.....

Get into the gym!

Get some accountability partners!

Search the internet and find some new 2015 Mixes

Get back on your program.  Recognize that you've fallen.... and get back on it.


And Here Are Some Tips To Help You Through This Sticking Point:

1. Go to TriniJungleJuice EVERYDAY and look at the pictures (they will keep you inspired)

2. Listen to Soca All Day, Every Day (this will keep you on point)

3. Watch Videos of all the fetes you will attend and of the Jouvert celebration that you are doing (this will keep you hyped)

4. This is my FAVORITE "go-to" video when I need a motivational injection

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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