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As Carnival season nears I can tell you right now that understanding the concept of pace will become increasingly important. 

Right now many of you have been sharing The Carnival Doctor's Tips on facebook and emailing them to your friends and some of you have even taken the right step and purchased the only book endorsed by TriniJungleJuice, The Ultimate Road Ready Guide from Amazon.  And for that I want to say thank you, BUT what I will be more happy about than anything is if you have the experience of your life in Trinidad in 2015 and every carnival that you attend from here on out.

 And that is only possible if you pay attention, pace yourself and ready yourself properly. 

Today's tip is in harmony with pacing yourself.

To date, I HOPE, that you all have followed instructions and stayed on pace in terms of creating your fete line up (schedule) and getting your fete tickets.  I provided you some advice before this on making sure that you listen to a carnival veteran or find yourself in a crew because I  already know a few people who have NOT purchased a ticket for a certain fete because they are "waiting to see what meh friends dem wan do." Well.... while yuh waiting allyuh goh stick and be outside de fete wit de long face because you fall off pace!!

As an Olympian I can tell you right now that I enjoy watching the Olympics.  I love seeing what is possible with an extreme amount of preparation dedication.  Although I competed in the sport of Judo at the 2004 Olympics, I was a track and field athlete in college and enjoy watching the athletics events during the year and at the Olympic Games. 
I really enjoy watching the sprints and, like you, I love watching the showdowns of the women's 4x400 meter teams of the Bahamas, Jamaica, France and the United States. I also like watching the 4x100 meter relay teams of Jamaica, USA, Japan and Trinidad and Tobago.

But what I really enjoy more after running a few marathons and half marathons are the 800, 1600 and 3200 meter races.


Well, I enjoy watching the strategy, the tactics and the extreme understanding and IMPACT of PACE.

These races are fast, but they are not haphazard. 

They are run with enthusiasm but not with reckless abandon. 

They are run with a lot of brawn but do not sacrifice the inclusion of "brains."

See, these races are tiring. Extremely tiring. And the runners know this. Therefore, they prepare.  They prepare in some extreme ways. The train, they run, they lift, they get massages, they pay attention to their shoes, their clothes, their warm up equipment, their food, their supplements.... EVERYTHING.

They understand that missing any of these things or doing something incorrectly can have an exponential impact on the outcome of their event.

When you watch the 3200 meters at the Olympic Games, here's what you will notice.

When the gun goes off, the athletes sprint in order to get themselves into position and then they relax and assume their pace.  This is so important and is the key take away for all of us attending carnival in Trinidad and Tobago in 2015.

Trinidad Carnival Is Like
The Olympic Games Of
Carnival (all the others
are like World And National
Championships) Prestigious,
BUT not the Olympics  :-)

So right now, think if yourself as a WORLD CLASS ATHLETE.... An Olympic Athlete... and your event is Carnival. 

And winning is finishing.

Let me repeat that.... WINNING IS FINISHING!!!!!

And trust me when I tell you.... those who assume the wrong pace or fall off pace DO NOT FINISH!! And there are countless stories of those whose carnival was ruined because of a pace issue, that they probably didn't even realize was a PACE issue.

I cannot stress this to you enough.  Trinidad Carnival is different than any other carnival that you have attended because there are 2 days of road.  And Monday on the road is a long day if you also count your Jouvert experience.  And then on top of that you are going to fete like you have never fetted before.

With that being said, your preparation is important.

For the past few weeks, I have been preaching PACE. I have been talking PACE.  All of the contributors on the TriniJungleJuice Facebook page have been talking about PACE.  And the reason why is because PACE is important. 


The Gun Has Gone Off.....

1. Sprint Early to get yourself into position - Meaning, start your walking program and your physical fitness regimen. Plan your Monday wear. Make sure that your fete schedule is done and 80% to 90% of your tickets are purchased.

2. Relax - Take your time knowing that you have most things done so that you can relax and start packing your bags slowly - - piece by piece.  Line up your carnival wear in conjunction with your fete schedule. That way all of your clothes, flags, rags, shoes, footwear, etc.,. are in harmony with your fete lineup. Do this so that you can relax. I even go so far as to buy my flags online so that I do not have to buy them when I reach.

3. Assume YOUR pace - You can only do that by having ONE now.  Do NOT wait until the last minute.  I know it may seem like overkill but TRUST ME. I thought it was too until I traveled for the first time to carnival and then the next time and was so prepared that I could just relax and have a good time. Everything was scheduled and on pace and even the hiccups that occurred were covered in our "race plan."  Winston, my Carnival Veteran who is from the USVI made sure I was prepared.



Trust me when I tell you that it's the "little things" that make a big difference. 

And most importantly, make sure that you listen to the wise counsel of the many Carnival Veterans and Carnival Experts out there.

They can most certainly help you. 

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD

"The Carnival Doctor"

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