How To Live 2015
Like Yuh Playing Mas

Well, here we are..... deep into the New Year of 2015 and most of you all have either stuck to your resolutions or have broken them and reset them again.

Many of you started out the New Year in church, in a party or fete. Some with loved ones and others alone. Some of you brought in the new year with tears of joy for new beginnings and some, tears of sadness due to the loss of some loved ones in 2014.

No matter how you brought it in what's most important is what you DO in 2015.

Just like a race, a good start is great, but a good finish is better -- because life is not a sprint, but a marathon.

In 2015 I, like many of you, am committed to "living my life like I'm playing Mas!!" I am committed to smiling more, fetting more, hugging more, high-fiving more, laughing more, and surrounding myself with people who want to pour into my life's cup as I pour into theirs. And with that being said, the one thing that I did this year was sit down and outline my carnivals for the year.


Because, that constant injections and spike of happiness that you can get from a carnival is something that is inexplicable. It can actually carry you throughout the year.

The Carnival That
Everybody Was
Telling Me That I MUST
Do In 2015!

As I was making my list this year, I was influenced by more than a few people to put one more carnival on my list. Being the skeptic that I am, I said, "Give me ONE GOOD reason that I need to add that carnival to my list!"

The reply was, "Because you can play mas, fete, fly and get transportation all for under a thousand dollars."

To which I said, "Bullsh*t!!!!"

But, it was true. And I checked around with some friends of mine who went to the same carnival last year. So, in addition to TNT, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Los Angeles Carnival.... I am also doing Cayman Islands this year and am looking forward to it.

With TNT out the hole and Miami on the "tail leg" and Cayman Islands Carnival sandwiched in between, 2015 is going to be a great year!!

Mas, Airfare, and Fete
For Less Than $1,000


PLAY MAS for ONLY $936
USD. Visit https://www.mycarnivalbands.com/presentations/60

Well, I'm adding Cayman Islands to the list this year and I hope to see you there, as well as in TNT.

Live Your Life Like You're Playing Mas,

The Carnival Doctor