This Message Has Been Brought To You By

What I'm getting ready to tell you, many of you are NOT going to do.

And I'm not sure why, but some of you all will just not do it.

However, if you are a CARNIVAL VIRGIN, please take this advice like it is the gospel.

I'm telling you right now - START PACKING YOUR BAGS FOR TNT!!


That is what I said.

Start packing now.

Do it in steps.

Because here's what you will find:

1.  You may find that you do NOT have a suitcase that is suitable for travel and may need to get one.

2. You will realize that you need to PRINT OUT all of your fete tickets now and put them in an envelope and put that envelope in a compartment in your suitcase - NOW.

3. You may find out that you don't have enough country flags and you may need a few rags and hand towels.

4.  You might just find out that between now and the time you leave that you might not have enough MEDICATION FOR YOUR TRIP!!!! (and YES, I take medication for my blood pressure and what I do in TNT is take my medication every 8 hours on the dot because I'm up longer and more than when I'm at home. So morning and night is not enough when your heart *sees* more work).

5. You may find out that you need to order more contact lenses because you do not have enough for your trip.  Assume you will lose on pair a day even though you may not.  Being over prepared when it comes to your sight is a good thing. And you will have to carry extra. 

6. If you are a women, you might just realize that some of your wardrobe may just change if your TNT trip coincides with your monthly visitor. Be aware, be prepared.

7. You may just realize that you don't have as many shorts as you need or a pair of shoes for Jouvert (I bought some "Jouvert shoes" from Payless my first year)

There are many things that you will need. And if you have NEVER packed for Carnival before, TRUST ME, you have no idea of how comprehensive it is and it needs to be.  And you just don't know what you don't know.

In the book "The Ultimate Road Ready Guide" we SPECIFICALLY created a section just for Packing for TNT. 

As, The Carnival Doctor of TriniJungleJuice, I would STRONGLY encourage you to look at some other sites on the internet as well to see exactly how much goes into planning and packing. There are a number of sites that cover this topic and that will give you some great ideas.  In
"The Ultimate Road Ready Guide"  there is a list that you can use to compare with your list to see exactly what you need and don't need.

The bottom line is this.

Start packing now. That way if you need something, you can go get it slowly and stay on PACE!!!!!


Trust me when I tell you that it's the "little things" that make a big difference.

And most importantly, make sure that you listen to the wise counsel of the many Carnival Veterans and Carnival Experts out there.

They can most certainly help you.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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