February 15 2015: Extempo King Lingo and Junior Calypso rising star Aaron Duncan have joined the list of performances carded for Carnival Tuesday at the Socadrome, Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain.

"We are excited to offer an enhanced show for a lower entry fee than last year," say Socadrome organizers. "The Socadrome show features mas, pan, soca performances and traditional characters in one show on Carnival Tuesday. The fact that Lingo, Black Sage and Aaron Duncan have signed on really makes the $10 entry fee for Socadrome one of the best values for money on Carnival Tuesday." 

Learning from 2014, the sophomore offering of the Socadrome is no longer just a private venture from the three big bands Yuma, Tribe and Bliss. Spectators are encouraged to start their Carnival Tuesday at the Socadrome with good reason - young masqueraders from Rosalind Gabriel’s incredibly colorful and creative 2015 presentation will be the first to cross the Socadrome stage at 8am. The year's Socadrome show will also feature performances by traditional carnival characters, Kes, Roy Cape All Stars and more. The show will end at approximately 3pm to allow spectators to consider enjoying Carnival in other locations or getting home early.

"Feedback last year was good for a first time offering," says Socadrome official Danielle Hunte. "By enhancing the show and dropping the price we are encouraging the public to come out and enjoy this new option in Carnival."

The Socadrome was started to relieve congestion at the Savannah on Carnival Tuesday. "Many mas bands  and individuals expressed interest in participating in the Socadrome this year. We are thrilled Rosalind Gabriel has officially joined us. We have room for more and hope next year officials  will reconsider some regulations to make the Socadrome attractive to other bands and individual costumes."

Entrance to the Socadrome is free before 9am. Children under 12 accompanied by adults are free all day with adults paying just $10 for entry.