There's nothing worse than getting hyped up for a good quality soca injection with the people from your carnival crew and then finding out somebody can't go.

You talk about going to a fete and you can just see yourself having a good time with your friends when all of a sudden life gets in the way and your friend texts you and says, "Sorry, I can't make it this weekend."

The look on all of our faces at that moment is priceless.

There is a true moment of pain and hurt and then we just accept it and trow a "donation wine" fuh dem in de fete.

New term "Donation Wine." The "donation wine" is when you take a moment of your time during a wine to think about your friend and you trow the current wine you are trowin on their behalf due to their absence.

To date we have covered the following:

The hard wine
The soft wine
The broken hip wine
The leg wine
The courtesy wine

and today we cover..... The Donation Wine. Please govern yourself accordingly.

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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