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Those Ice Box guys, and gal did it once again. New year, New island, New Friends, but the vibes remain the same. This first Suits Bahamas was EPIC. Ever see feters come out to fete? Like their sole purpose for boarding this boat was to enjoy themselves? Well behold what SUITS Bahamas was all about.

The crowd was the usual good looking, classy, fashionable crowd that Ice Box Entertainment has been known to attract. You know the crowd that you look at and say, "Oh My". Actually rehl Bahamian men working around the dock made a lot of comments on how lovely the ladies looked.

The boat was nice. Three levels to party. The upper most deck was small but people only went up there to smoke. The majority of the partier were on the second level.... until we were told we needed to spread the people out because the boat couldn't handle it.

VIBE - 9
As the boat took off people were in a gears. The music started off with pace from DC's own DJ MAJESTIC with his combination of mixing and ability to move a crowd with the mic the boat was literally rocking. Trinidad's  DJ PRIVATE RYAN picked up right where the vibes left off giving us that versatility he's known for. Trinidad's NUPHORIC and THE HYPE MAN of course had everyone pumping hard. Also had us in full survival life jacket ready attire. DJ STEPHEN even though he wasn't playing was on the lower level helping with some crowd participation. Everything seemed to flow so seamlessly.


It was a cooler fete so drinks were what you brought. What I liked was that even though everyone had their own coolers everyone was eager to share their homemade mixtures and that I can personally confirm that the ICEBOX TEAM was up all night making their famous ICEBREAKER drinks to perfection.

This cruise was one for the books.... ICEBOX ENT. landed, they pumped, they #DidItForTheCulture and they made history. This event is distant to be and issue next year. There were boats pulling up next to the SUITS CRUISE and trying to hop aboard. That's how EPIC it was.

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Al aka Freshly Squeezed

>> View Suits Bahamas Carnival Cooler Cruise